As well as providing therapy and supervision, I am also available to provide teaching services.

My teaching work formally began as a Professional Practice Fellow with the University of Otago, Christchurch in the Department of Psychological Medicine.

This involved working on two mental health focussed papers with students who were primarily mental health clinicians seeking to upskill and gain a post-graduate qualification.

I could not have achieved what I have without the belief and encouragement of those who could see my potential when I couldn’t. It’s a pleasure to now be the person who provides that to others through the work I do for Moana House Training Institute as Kairuruku and Kaiako for Te Taketake Addiction Counselling Diploma. I want to acknowledge Paraire Huata, Claire Aitken and Seán Manning for creating the course, Claire and Seán for their ongoing leadership of the course, the kaiako who I work with and to our tauira who when they graduate, are sought after in the field of addictions treatment. Here’s more information about the course if you are interested.

My interest in trauma and my experience of living through the Canterbury earthquakes has led me to work with Helene Faass to create a Psychological First Aid workshop for Canterbury Civil Defence volunteers. It’s a training that is based on the World Health Organisation’s concept of Psychological First Aid in a disaster or emergency context as well as including an understanding of how our brain and body respond during traumatic stress and using Helene’s experience of deployment in several events as the Welfare manager and working as Emergency Operations Controller for Selwyn.

Our experiences of working in an emergency context have both been further developed by our respective roles during COVID-19.

Lynere Wilson and Helene Faas

Lynere and Helene